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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Admission with Credit

  • Admission with Non-Traditional Credit
  • High School Programs Eligible for Carroll Community College Credit
  • Advanced Placement Program

An applicant desiring to transfer from another college and be admitted to a degree program at Carroll Community College must follow the standard admission procedures. Additionally, students with previous college credit, they would like considered for transfer, must submit official transcripts of all previous college coursework and a transfer evaluation form for each transcript submitted. The applicant may also be required to present a catalog from each college with courses taken clearly marked. Syllabi may also be required. Courses offered for transfer credit must fit into the applicant’s proposed curriculum and should generally be of C grade quality or better. Courses in which D grades were earned will be accepted for transfer, with the exception of special program requirements and ENGL 101 . In accordance with Maryland Higher Education Commission policy, any course identified as a General Education Requirement that was taken at a Maryland Public Institution of Higher Education will be accepted for transfer if the grade earned was a D or better. Per Maryland law, a C is required for ENGL 101 - College Writing . The grades for courses taken at colleges or universities other than Carroll Community College will not be computed in the grade point average. Transcripts are evaluated by the Records Office in consultation with faculty department chairpersons.

Please note that transfer credit (including credit earned via credit by exam or the College Level Examination Program) will be accepted in transfer even if the course has been attempted at Carroll. While Transfer credits are not calculated in a Carroll GPA, transfer courses may improve the student’s Carroll Community College grade point average by nullifying F grades.

Admission with Non-Traditional Credit

A student who applies for admission with credit for non-traditional learning must prove competency equivalent to learning achieved in certain courses offered by the College. Students are referred to appropriate department chairpersons for credit by exam and other options (fees apply). A maximum of 75% of the credits toward a degree may be awarded for prior learning. See the Section One: Academic Regulations  section (Credit for Prior Learning) for more information and possible fees.  

High School Programs Eligible for Carroll Community College Credit

Carroll Community College maintains several articulation agreements with Carroll County Public Schools. These agreements are updated annually. Currently, students who have completed and met grade requirements for programs in Accounting/Financial Services; Administrative Assistant; Early Childhood Education; Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM); and Print Production may articulate courses to the College as follows. To post articulated CCPS credits on Carroll’s records, send an official Carroll County Public Schools transcript and signed Career Connections program completion documents to the Carroll Community College Records Office within two years of CCPS graduation.


CCPS Administrative Assistant/Secretarial Science may be articulated:

  • for up to 19 credits in Office Technology courses, with proficiency testing

CCPS Early Childhood Education will be articulated as:

CCPS Project Lead the Way Computer Science will be articulated as:

CCPS Physical Rehab program will be articulated as:

CCPS Print Production will be articulated as:

CCPS Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM) will be articulated as:

Carroll faculty have worked closely with CCPS to award grades for specific CCPS program completion. With appropriate course achievement and score on the Carroll final exam, these programs may be transcripted (earned letter grade on the transcript). Students will pay for these course credits at the CCPS dual discount price.

CCPS Accounting or Financial Services programs may be transcripted as:

CCPS Criminal Justice/Homeland Security may be transcripted as:

 CCPS Digital Fabrication and Manufacturing program may be transcripted as:

CCPS Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences 

CCPS Project Lead the Way Engineering

Advanced Placement Program

The College Entrance Examination Board offers an Advanced Placement program. The program may be utilized by high school students to receive college credit and advanced standing for courses completed in high school. To be eligible to receive credit, apply to the College and submit official advanced placement scores. See the Section One: Academic Regulations  section (Credit for Prior Learning) for required scores and course equivalents.