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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ ARCHIVED CATALOG VERSION ]

Facilities and Parking


Community Use of College Facilities

Carroll Community College is committed to serving the needs of our community. One of the many services it provides is the use of its campus for non-profit community activities. During normal operating hours and time periods when they are not in use for College purposes, these facilities are offered to off-campus groups whose missions and purposes are not in conflict with those of the College. Nominal fees may be charged to cover services. Contact the Administration Office at 410-386-8492 for additional information.

Facilities for Students Who Are Physically Challenged

Facilities have been provided for students who are physically challenged. Special parking spaces are located close to the buildings. Restrooms and drinking fountains are accessible at various locations throughout the facility by students with physical disabilities and are located on all levels of all buildings. Each level of every building is accessible by an elevator. Classrooms are equipped with wheelchair accessible desks. These accommodations at the College are clearly marked with the international wheelchair symbol. Please see the Information Center for assistance or exact locations. Questions or concerns related to facilities accessibility may be directed to the Facilities Management Office at 410-386-8490.

Temporary handicapped/medical parking permits are issued at the discretion of the College administration according to the College regulations governing handicapped parking. Such permits are given for a limited time period, not to exceed two weeks. College handicapped/medical parking permits can be issued when the applicant completes the appropriate application and furnishes a physician’s letter stating the time period for which the permit is required. The physician does not need to describe the person’s condition, but only stipulate that the permit is needed and for what time period. If an applicant shows obvious need, such as walking with crutches, wheelchair, cane, bandaged foot, etc., but does not have the physician’s letter, the permit can be issued for up to one week. A permit for two weeks may be given at the administration’s discretion and must be supported by a physician’s letter. Permanent or long-term permits must be obtained through the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

Parking and Traffic

Designated parking areas are provided on the campus for drivers with disabilities, College staff, service vehicles, Student Government Organization, students, and/or visitors. Everyone must comply with the posted parking regulations and traffic signs. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas will be subject to ticketing/towing at the owner’s expense and risk, as stated in the College Regulations.

Vehicles parked in reserved zones will be subject to towing immediately upon discovery. Succeeding violations may result in additional towing and fines.

Please drive carefully. The speed limit on campus is 15 mph. Traffic and parking regulations are enforced. Students do not need parking permits, but must park in non-reserved spaces only.

Carroll Community College assumes no liability for theft or damages to vehicles parked on the premises.

Carroll Community College provides jump starts. If assistance is needed, please see the Information Center so Campus Police may be contacted.