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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ ARCHIVED CATALOG VERSION ]

Section Four: General Education Learning Goals Across the Curriculum

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General Education Learning Goals

At Carroll Community College, the goal of the General Education Program is to provide all students with skills and knowledge necessary to be informed, productive citizens in a diverse and changing world. Each course in the program requires students to integrate skills and knowledge  gained from academic and life experiences in a signature assignment.

General Education courses support the following goals:

  1. Communicate ideas in written, oral, and other modes as appropriate to a situation and audience.
  2. Apply quantitative and scientific reasoning skills relevant to a field of study.
  3. Employ various thinking strategies to develop well-reasoned judgments.
  4. Evaluate sources of information for accuracy, relevance, and reliability.
  5. Use technology tools to manage, integrate, and evaluate digital information.
  6. Explore issues through creative, interdisciplinary, and innovative approaches.
  7. Cultivate intellectual and ethical practices that promote the wellness of self, community, and environment.
  8. Identify their roles as global citizens in a multicultural country and world.