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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ ARCHIVED CATALOG VERSION ]

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MUSIC 106 - History of Jazz

Number of Credits: 3
History of Jazz surveys the influences, origin, and styles of this unique art form, identifying stylistic developments, performing artists, and ensembles. Students study the political and social impact of this musical style on specific ethnic groups as well as the part it played in certain world and national events (Fall & Spring Only) Three hours lecture each week. Three Credits. Three billable hours.

GENERAL EDUCATION Category: Arts and Humanities

Pre-requisite(s): eligibility for ENGL 101 .
Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  1. Define the elements of music and how they work together. (GE3, GE7, PG3)
  2. Define the elements of jazz and trace their development/presence from origins of jazz to the present day. (PG5)
  3. Describe jazz and jazz-related music of various styles including Ragtime, Blues, Swing, Vocal Jazz, Bebop, Post-Bop, Third Stream, Free Fusion, and Postmodern. (GE3, PG5)
  4. Identify by title selected excerpts from major works. (GE3)
  5. Identify major changes in musical styles, players’ lives, and political and social forces that affected the development of jazz music. (GE6, PG4, PG5)
  6. Apply the skills for musical analysis developed in the class to a piece of popular music. (GE3, PG3)
  7. Critique musical performances using vocabulary learned throughout the course.(GE1, GE3, GE4, GE5, PG2)

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